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The story of a man and a dream...

It was a recurring dream about being hunted by Teddy Roosevelt for sport. 

What is American Esoterica?

History class only gets so much time, so we tend to learn the broad strokes of American history. This is...not that. These are the smaller details - the quiet parts in between all the pomp and circumstance.  These are the stories behind the stories, the weird, fun, ironic, interesting and sometimes recontextualized bits of history and culture that bring us even closer with our past. It's a love letter to a country as it was and is, warts and all. 

It's not all politics and government, though - everything from the French and Indian War to NASCAR drivers and beyond is fair game (no, really - there will be episodes on both!). From the famous to the not-famous-but-should-be, from the important to the trivial, from the discovery of America to the distant future, from sea to shining sea, everything American is up for discussion, all in a style that is best described as "extended dad joke light." 

So grab your favorite American beverage, kick off your Crocs, insert your off-brand earbuds and brace yourself for hot nuggets of history delivered directly to your temporal lobe. 

Who is American Esoterica for?

If the question were "Who is actually going to listen to this?", the answer is probably "Just my mom." But that's not the question.

American Esoterica is for anyone interested in American history and culture. There will not be any explicit language or content in the main episodes, although the topics will at times concern the existence of certain body parts or other explicit content. I will do my best to keep these discussion PG-rated at all times, and I'll also be clear about the inclusion of any content that folks might want to review before letting their kids hear it right at the top of the main content portion of the episode. 


The content presented will be done as non-partisan as humanly possible - the audience is all Americans, regardless of...anything.  

Who are you and why are you doing this?

I'm just some guy who likes odd American history trivia, short-form essay writing, music, Photoshop and the sound of his own voice. I have a Bachelor's in Political Science and a law degree, both due to a crippling addiction to learning about American history, government and law. I have been a freelance writer, a multimedia content producer, a musician, a pizza delivery driver, and a legal marketer. I created this podcast because it allowed me to be creative in several ways that coalesce around things I love to do, such as write stories, record music, and Photoshop my head onto historical figures. I'm also a dad to four amazing kids, and I live with them and my genuinely patient wife in the coolest house in Versailles, Kentucky. 

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