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Episode 1 - Independence Date

Hi there. First, let me say that I'm impressed with the depths of your boredom that have led you to the blog section of this website. Have you not discovered or I'm not saying I'm not glad you're here, but I also question your social standing and time-management skills.

At any rate, I hope you're not expecting much - I'm not going to expound at length on the episode - it's a six-ish minute long podcast, so I doubt I'll feel the need to do a deep dive on my motivation. But I should probably say at least a thing or two about it...

This wasn't going to be the first episode, but when I realized that if I didn't set a firm date to release the podcast, I'd never actually get it done. So I set July 4th, 2022, as the official release date, and here we are. I also thought it would be comedically ironic to release the first episode on July 4th only to opine on why that's the wrong day to celebrate Independence Day. It's the little things.

I also like the fact that this is a pretty firm point of contention - it isn't really an open question on what date the choice to divorce Britain and take the kids took place, so it isn't one of those "Is it really something else?" topics only to land on "No, it isn't." (See Episode 2). Alright, you've read this far. I haven't yet looked to see if there's a discussion section on here, but I hope there is. Never look too far ahead, kids - then you don't get to enjoy the surprise.

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