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Episode 56 - Did I Get It Wrong?

I've done this level of navel-gazing before, and it's fully gratuitous. Nobody really cares about how this sausage gets made so long as they get it served up hot with an unreasonable amount of mustard. But hey - it's my show.

For the record, I found the Aaron Burr Association ( while researching the Aaron Burr episode, and I wrote to them on a lark. I think it's fascinating that there is a group out there dedicated to telling the other side of this man's story, even when history has all but declared him to be the villain. Stuart Johnson wrote me back not long after, providing me with a good-sized list of the Good Aaron Burr Qualities, and he was right - we've given Mr. Burr short shrift this whole time. This episode was an attempt to give him some equal time, a task accomplished with aplomb by Mr. Johnson, who has my gratitude for being such a good sport.

I'm sorry I called Sterling Marlin by the name of Martin. Thanks to Matt for catching it. Well, here's to the start of Year Three of American Esoterica - thanks for listening.

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