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Episode 54 - Fabulously Unintended

I'll admit something from the outset - I think this story is the single funniest anecdote out of 54+ episodes so far. It's so riotously hilarious to me that I'm kind of worried that I didn't give enough gravity to the fact that these morons ran around as their own version of the Spanish Inquisition and made life horrendous for a tremendous amount of people. So if I didn't treat the entire subject with the decorum it deserved, I truly apologize. I just love a good revenge story, especially when it's a group of truly awful people accidentally exacting revenge on themselves.

Of note: the images of people in the picture accompanying the episode all came from the Purple Pamphlet. The purple is actually the cover itself superimposed on the men kissing from the title page. I don't have anything more to add, but here's a link to the purple pamphlet itself:

It's a hilarious, maddening read, but the overtly sexual hypotheticals are the most unintendedly hilarious part. Enjoy!

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