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Episode 12 - Big Mistake

First off, I was alone at home with the dog and he wanted to be in the vocal booth with me, so there may be the occasional collar rattle. I may yet release the Petey Cut, which is the same episode, just with me talking to the dog more.

There's a recurring theme on this podcast, and that's the idea that history seems to revisit the same few people on multiple occasions. We've talked about Robert Todd Lincoln and Wilmer McLean, but even George Washington isn't immune. Of course it wouldn't be some random unknown who kicks off a couple of global conflicts - it would be the man destined to give us our freedom and become our first elected leader (under our second system of government - maybe go listen to the first few episodes to get caught up). And maybe I'm just finding patterns where there really aren't any and it really all is just a coincidence. But isn't it a cool one?

The site of the ambush of Jumonville and his men was named Jumonville Glen in his honor and is a national park about thirty miles north of Morgantown, WV, in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania. Fort Necessity is about seven miles east.

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