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Episode 14 - Bone to Pick

Look, literally nobody reads these things, and it's late and I'm tired. But seriously, how cool is it that we had a Founding Father with a peg leg? We're stuck with biopics and plays about Adams and Hamilton when we had a real-life one-legged swashbuckling Casanova write the most famous parts of the Constitution? C'mon, Hollywood. Then he ON PURPOSE stabs himself in the wiener with a WHALE BONE and it kills him? 10/10. Would watch. But now let's talk casting... 2005 Johnny Depp would be perfect, but nowadays? My vote is Chris Evans. On a way more serious note, the next time somebody makes the argument that "slavery was just a thing that everybody thought was okay at the time, and we can't really judge the slaveholders for holding to contemporary moral standards," read them Gouverneur Morris's speech on slavery during the debates on the Constitution. It's nice to see a contemporary view set out so explicitly.

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