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Episode 29 - Founding Father, Deadbeat Dad? Part II

Just a few notes... Lest we think that I'm holding William up as a hero, he did assist the British in their fight to kill as many Americans as necessary to subdue us, so it's not so black and white. He's not a hero, but maybe also not entirely a villain. That's kind of the problem - the Loyalists were in a rough position. It's easy to judge them for picking the wrong side, but remember that our side came with massive uncertainty about whether there would even be some kind of government to provide the most bare form of order.

I do think Benjamin was a hypocrite for the way he allowed William to be treated - that goes for the other Loyalist prisoners as well. It's just all kind of a shame. Both Temple and William ultimately followed in their respective father's footsteps: Temple cranked out a few illegitimate children of his own, and William raised one of them as HIS own while Temple ran off to another country to start a new life. It was a bizarre sort of historical rhyming.

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