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Episode 31 - A Balance

This one may be my favorite all-time historical note - that the Booths and Lincolns have more than one connection. It's a small coincidence, but it looms large, especially compared to those Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences that are really just reaching.

A few things to note on this one:

The fact that the incident took place was confirmed by Robert Todd Lincoln himself later on, but we still don't know exactly when or where it for sure happened. In fact, the very first publication of the event actually noted it as happening at Bowling Green, Kentucky. It didn't. Another publication said it happened the same month of Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Robert confirmed it himself, but didn't clarify the details.

The other question that pops up is why, if it supposedly occurred before the assassination, didn't Abraham know about the incident, since several folks made such a big deal of it, like Ulysses S. Grant. The understanding is that the Lincolns had just lost a son in 1862, and Robert was concerned for their well-being at hearing another instance of one of their children in peril.

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