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Episode 42 - As Amended

Madison's list of potential amendments was a mess. Basically, his "fourth" amendment was pretty much our entire Bill of Rights in one. And don't get me started on that weird original first amendment about representational apportionment - it really had no place in the Bill of Rights, but it's fun to point out that it IS there. If you go look at the original Bill of Rights, there are all twelve amendments that Congress passed and sent out. There's also a scrivener's error in the first one, too.

There's a crackpot amateur historian who claims that Connecticut actually did ratify the first two amendments, thus bringing them into full force long ago. His argument is that both houses of the Connecticut legislature signed off on all twelve amendments at different times, which he says should count. They just didn't do it as part of the same process in one bill/resolution/whatever. He's kind of nuts, though.

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