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Episode 51 - By Design: L'Enfant Terrible

I'm breaking a semi-rule, which is that I'm not calling someone by the name they wished to be called by. I've done it before to Harriet Tubman (which is itself a breaking of the rule, since she married again and her final last name was Davis), but the reason why I bring it up here is that Pierre L'Enfant decided to Americanize his name and preferred to go by Peter. We call him Pierre L'Enfant, but he called himself Peter Charles L'Enfant. It's kind of a shame we don't recognize that - he came here to fight for the revolutionary cause and became just as much of an American as anyone else. I probably shouldn't have kept calling him a Frenchman. Sorry, dude.

The plan to have a square for each state to decorate was amazing - I'd personally like to see that part of the plan revived.

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