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Episode 8 - The Commonwealth vs. Abraham Lincoln

I think that somewhere in the back of our minds, we know that Abraham Lincoln didn't arrive in the world as a tall, bearded, full-formed statesman, but it's still hard to think of him as anything else. But picturing him as a gangly teenager building a raft for hauling river cargo and passengers? It fits, right?

It also fits that 17-year-old Lincoln managed to talk his way out of jail time, giving himself and the world a preview of the man to come.

Oh, and the barbecue mentioned in Owensboro? It's barbecued mutton, which you mostly won't find anywhere else. The best examples are to be found in the massive church picnics that take place during the summer there, but most Owensboro residents have fairly set opinions on where to purchase some in a retail setting. I'm not going to weigh in on that debate, but here are a couple of favorites: - the defining feature of this one is the buffet, and for the history buffs among you, it has been visited by numerous persons of repute, as well as Bill Clinton. Finally, this episode is dedicated to the memory of Bill and Phyllis Emmick, who lived their lives in Lewisport a stone's throw from Squire Pate's house.

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