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Episode 9 - The Night We Nuked Georgia

I don't have much to add to this one - the list of broken arrow incidents is alarming enough, but this isn't the only instance where we've lost a nuclear weapon never to recover it.

But let's talk about how the military is strangely confident that the bomb off Tybee Island doesn't pose a threat. Conspiracy theory time? My money says that they know it isn't a threat because it really isn't there anymore, even though we officially haven't recovered it. Foreign government? Who knows. This was the very hot tip of the Cold War, so it's not entirely unimaginable that someone else got wind of a missing bomb in shallow waters and grabbed it. We've done something like that ourselves - it may be the subject of a future episode so I won't go too far into it, but the United States government enlisted the help of none other than Howard Hughes to make a giant splash that the world wrote off as an eccentric rich guy doing big, weird things in order to salvage a sunken Soviet sub. So there's precedent.

Who knows. Maybe there really still is a nuclear bomb buried in the silt off of the coast of Georgia, biding its time.

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